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Flor de AmarantoLaura Crotte voz

Hauntingly beautiful singing led by Laura Crotte (Desamaya) is interspersed throughout the play. The songs put a folklore spin on the tragic actuality."

In this Steppenwolf production, most of the live music is offered by guitarist, singer and actress Laura Crotte (Desamaya) who leads her fellow cast members through poignant, piercing musical interludes...., the combination of Ms. Crotte’s musical gifts and acting talents result in a stunning visual soundtrack that penetrates the eyes and ears. 

Actress and Producer  



Speaking more than half her lines in Spanish and with a low-key feistiness that makes her tremendously appealing, Crotte is splendid. As written, the character is a bit of a sketch, but Crotte makes this ageless offbeat matriarch break through the stereotypes. (Crotte seems like she knows what she's doing wielding a catcher's mitt as well; pity we never get to see her take some swings).

Crotte as Elí is delightful as a seemingly fierce and curmudgeonly woman with an emotionally soft center. She is funny, wise, and vulnerable and while most of her lines are in Spanish, her body language and delivery communicate everything very clearly.

... through her actions the audience understands what she is trying to communicate. Crotte presents Eli with humor at times, compassion at times, and filled with guilt at times. Her scene in a catcher’s outfit, trying to help Teo learn how to pitch correctly, is priceless as she develops a friendship with Teo.

Crotte in particular is outstanding in her debut at The Old Globe; she offers a brilliant and affecting delivery in the play’s most devastating as well as humorous moments and embodies the role to her bones.

Laura Crotte gives a funny, quirky and endearing performance as the crusty and guilt-ridden Elí, who speaks mostly in Spanish but her acting and delivery make it clear what she’s saying.

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